Why it matters

'Many things can wait. Children cannot" Mistral
  • Early years practitioners and leaders across the world are busy doing a great job for the babies and young children in their care. They have outstanding expertise and increasingly fewer opportunities to share that expertise and learn from and alongside others as funding in many countries becomes stretched. Unlike the school system, the early years and childcare world does not have the same resources or capacity to establish networks where practitioners can have deeper conversations about pedagogy and practice. The things that really make a difference for children and their families!

    International Early Years supports the initiation and dissemination of outstanding and sustainable practice and the outcomes of workplace research, through a range of projects and engagement events.


  • As far as we are able, we use social media to connect teachers, practitioners and leaders to each other. In this way, we can extend our reach so that everyone can communicate, wherever they are in the world. It is through engagement, debate and research stemming from everyday practice that we believe collaborative improvement is triggered and sustained. Much can be learned from observing and reflecting on how children and families go about their everyday lives, build relationships, play and learn.

    Engagement events – We work on the simple belief that improvement happens when professionals work together to solve real time issues by:


  • Step 1: Listening

    Step 4: Improving

  • Step 2: Asking

    Step 5: Giving

  • Step 3: Believing

    Step 6: Receiving

  • We are committed to an authentic approach to international working that is respectful of social, environmental and cultural difference but doesn’t let this get in the way of developing understanding of how all children, whatever their context, develop and learn. Through the sharing of knowledge and understanding we think we really can change life and learning for our youngest children.

    We believe that the best learning for children everywhere is child initiated. Our research into practice model stems from this principle – children initiate our research questions, our responsive approaches and our thinking by simply being, exploring, learning and living. From this child led focus emerges the learning that can effect lasting change across an early years environment wherever it is in the world. No limits.

  • How we can we reach out to teachers and early years practitioners in your local area, district, region or country?

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