Ready Nation International

November 16, 2016
  • “There’s been a lot going on in our work with Ready Nation. Ready Nation started as an initiative linked to Strong America and is now growing into a much wider international voice. Its intention is to recognise and raise awareness of early childhood as “the moral, social and economic imperative of our time”- John Pepper 

    (Former CEO and Chairman of Proctor and Gamble)

    The newly formed Ready Nation International brings business leaders from across the world together to champion the provision of high quality early years education and care linking this to securing prosperous societies and future economic growth. By bringing people together Ready Nation International is helping to solve global problems, work in teams, develop new ideas and envision a brighter future for all children wherever they may be.

    Business leaders are actively supporting the creation of environments that give children a fair start, helping them to become the future neighbours, citizens, customers, and employees that their communities and nations need.

    We hope you enjoy reading these two new reports to learn more:

    Report 1:Strengthening the Current and Future Workforce

    Report 2: Developing the Global Workforce of Today and Tomorrow


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