Read On, Get On

November 15, 2016
  • ‘Read On. Get On.’ was launched in 2014 by a coalition of charities and education organisations committed to improving reading levels in the UK, calling for a strategic approach that recognises how encouraging children’s enjoyment and love of reading, a key element of reading well, is a task for parents, schools and communities and should begin from birth. Creating readers starts with talking to and reading to even the tiniest of babies.
    Sadly, despite major progress,expectations in early years continue to be too low for particular groups of children in particular schools or contexts where ambition for children’s reading is not high enough and the current strategy not effective enough. Teaching phonics and comprehension is vital and yet needs additional approaches alongside to engender a passion for reading. .The strategy document sets out a number of recommendations, including investment in the early years workforce so that every setting is led by an early years teacher, a vital resource in supporting early language and reading skills in disadvantaged communities.

    A strategy to get England’s children reading


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