Our Vision

'A world in which children are respected and cherished for the unique human beings they are, regardless of nationality, culture, colour, race or creed'

Historically, across the world, the early years sector has lacked serious financial commitment and political investment. Given the funding levels, and the limited investment in many countries, it is admirable that many nurseries and schools have been able to improve their early years provision and practice so much over the past few decades, yet there is no doubt that early years environments need greater investment to support and sustain quality and establish the conditions for greater impact and improvement worldwide.

As International Early Years, we continuously identify and make professional pursuit of this need for greater support from governments, ministries, investors, regulators, inspectors and other key stakeholders. With a direct  focus on strategy and policy development,  we can also support early years educators to develop as pedagogical experts and highly effective practitioners.

Our approach is simple and unique:




We identify and share the key elements of best practice from the UK and internationally. We value the expertise of children themselves, their parents and families. We have high regard for the knowledge and information generated through authentic, validated research.





In all aspects of our work, we recognise the power of human connection to guide change. We highlight the importance of positive, trust- based relationships between children, their parents, care givers and educators. This extends into our work on the connection between early years environments and the wider community, both nationally and internationally.




We build from the positive:
‘what is workingfor the children now and what more might we need to do to make it even better?





We use creative and collaborative approaches to help people and organisations to expand their internal capacity and capability whether a single school, nursery or whole national or international system.