Ready Generation

How do we help prepare children today for a world that we can only imagine?

IEY is developing the concept of ReadyGeneration to inspire UK and international early childhood education and care organisations to join together, promoting the importance of early childhood development for life long success and collaborating to create and share practice that makes a difference for children wherever they may be.

ReadyGeneration is enabling early childhood education and care organisations to improve their own operational processes and practice excellence through:

  • authentic and direct collaboration
  • courageous and resourceful leadership
  • personal professional development at all levels
  • adult led inquiry
  • evidence based research
  • benchmarking
  • impact focused outcomes

ReadyGeneration has three driving principles:

Inspiring early childhood education and care leaders with actionable insight that helps them to prioritise improvement goals, measure progress and assess impact.
Acting as a catalyst for new ideas and thinking about how children develop, learn and stay healthy
Collaborative effort and learning to bring together strategies, resources interventions and tools that enable early childhood education and care organisations to think differently about the effectiveness of the processes and systems in use and how they impact children’s learning

ReadyGeneration – powerful professionals doing great work together!

ReadyGeneration empowers professionals to connect and collaborate.

The concept is built on a relational model that values human connection at every level. International Early Years has worldwide experience in ways of working that demonstrate the potential of professional partnerships and collaborations between leaders, educators, families,communities and countries. We know that ‘short burst’ projects have a ‘shelf life’ of success. ReadyGeneration is based on impact for life.

Many early education and childcare organisations work in isolation from others. This sometimes makes it more challenging for them to moderate and evaluate their performance. Many underestimate their own enormous potential to improve the life chances of children still further by connecting, sharing and developing practice in collaboration with others.

Productivity, efficiency and impact

ReadyGeneration’s simple benchmarking frameworks enable  leaders to create their own personalised performance data dashboards and analyse information across a range of both organisational competences and early childhood life and learning indicators.

Our Early Years Mastery Leadership Programme is already successfully underway in partnership with UK and international schools and pre-school centres in the UK, including independent and private school groups. Over 10,000 children under the age of five have been impacted by this initiative to date. The ambition is for ReadyGeneration to add to its offer, so that by 2020, engagement width has expanded both across the UK and internationally.

ReadyGeneration is evolving and growing! This is just the beginning.

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