Our Projects

Through our project work we look to support early years educators to think differently about how they research and collaborate to achieve success and growth. We believe in not doing different things but doing things differently!

We are interested in finding new ways to improve impact and outcomes for children, families and early years teams.

Through collaborative approaches we hope that professional relationships can be enhanced, educators energised and outcomes maximised!

Our Projects:

Principles behind our Projects:

Child centred relational change:

  • Putting children’s needs at the centre of any change
  • Respecting and responding to the diverse needs of all stakeholders
  • Listening more than talking
  • Promoting self-awareness and responsibility


  • Working alongside educators
  • Co-designing and delivering frameworks and interventions
  • Acknowledging the strengths of early years educators and organisations to build capacity and capability for themselves
  • Adopting a whole-system approach to improvement

Quality & Leadership:

  • A focus on quality teaching and learning
  • Using proven research evidence to drive change
  • Strong leadership
  • Focus on shared purpose and aims