Our Offer

  • What we do

    If you work at the parts, the whole will be a success

    Our purpose is straightforward:

    To work with early years professionals to research, respect and respond to the amazing learning power of babies and little children


    Our belief is straightforward:

    ‘A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song’ – Maya Angelou

    Too many children across the world still do not have a song. Inclusion, social justice and equality are a birthright and allow babies and little children to live with dignity, to thrive and to succeed. We work tirelessly to advocate and improve life for all children.


    Our offer is straightforward:

    Words that describe our offer:

  • Urgent
  • Compelling
  • Informed
  • Exciting
  • Determined
  • Honest
  • Authentic
  • Open
  • Dynamic
  • Real
  • Fun
  • Alive!
  • Our offer:

    • Design for Success – we use the concept of ‘design thinking’ to support early years educators, health and social care professionals to lead their own improvement and impact directly on learning and outcomes for children. We offer this to individuals, teams, schools, school groups, settings or clusters.
    • ‘I Wonder’ – Creative Improvement Projects – we work alongside early years teams and families to provoke reflection and think about the local, national and international strategies and priorities that will help children to make most progress and how to implement these without compromise. We offer this through learning workshops and direct coaching
    • Keynote speaking and conference workshops – we have a team of high calibre international early years speakers – please contact us to book a speaker for your event
    • Dynamic support and development for Early Years leaders – we build on our ongoing experiences and continue to work with early years leaders across the world to consider their impact and how to keep moving forwards both personally and for their setting. We have a range of innovative early years leadership programmes and workshops – we can also create a bespoke model to suit specific requrements
    • Early Years Connect12 – We believe that genuine and sustainable improvement begins when people make strong connections with each other. We have the greatest success when working alongside teams for longer periods. Our Connect12 is an exclusive offer for settings and groups of settings who may like to work with us for up to a year. Please contact us for further details.