Our Engagement Model

Our Engagement for Quality Model has developed from working alongside children, educators, leaders and families.

We are concerned with helping you to improve impact and outcomes for both children and professional teams through a well-developed relational sense of yourself, your workforce  and your organisation as well as the children and families you serve.

  • what you stand for
  • what is needed
  • what you can do
  • what you want to achieve
  • what you can learn from others
  • what you can share

Our Engagement for Quality Model helps to guide our ways of working with you:

Child centred relational change:

  • Putting children’s needs at the centre of any change
  • Respecting and responding to the diverse needs of all children
  • Listening more than talking
  • Promoting self-awareness and regulation


  • Working alongside educators to make change happen
  • Co-designing and delivering frameworks and interventions
  • Acknowledging the strengths of individuals and organisations to build capacity and capability for themselves
  • Adopting a whole-system approach to breaking down barriers and being accountable

Quality Leadership:

  • Quality leadership as driving factor for change
  • Using proven research evidence
  • Clear purpose and direction
  • Understanding but no excuses

It helps focus attention on the
critical areas of quality:

It helps achieve impact
and performance:

It celebrates your success
and next steps!