Our Engagement Model

Our Engagement Model has developed from working alongside neuroscientists, academic researchers, governments, early years leaders, educators, parents and children themselves!

Leaders and educators  are now using this to support their work in a variety of ways.

The Model is made up of the four overarching components, each sharing 4 sub-strands:

  • The child in context
  • Engaging environments
  • Inspired leadership
  • Impact focused practice

Early years teams can use the model to plan, monitor and evaluate their work. How well are they:

  • Meeting the diverse needs of children, parents and families
  • Prioritising practice improvement and evidencing impact
  • Demonstrating effective leadership, responsibility and accountability for impact
  • Using evidence based interventions and researched practice to shape improvement work, trialling innovative action where appropriate to forge new practices
  • Celebrating the great work that is already being done by building sharing practices to greater capacity and capability across systems