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In early years environments worldwide, inspirational people work to make early years learning and care the best it can be. People are taking important messages from research and evidence and putting them into practice.

Our international community is directly networked and willing to share and exchange stories, inspired development and wonderful moments! These stories are regularly featured in our social media posts to encourage others to feel positive about their work, celebrate success and spread good practice.

Research collaboration

If you are an early years leader or educator interested in participating in research or wanting to connect with our research projects, please contact us with details of your location, topic of interest and other relevant information.

Project partners

We are actively pursuing partners for a range of different projects. We are also happy to discuss any project or research ideas with you.

Developing resources

We produce a range of resources for use by early years leaders and teachers across the UK and internationally. If you have evidence-based research resulting in key findings for the early years sector, we can co-create resource materials with you!

Connecting Continents

Keep in touch and stay connected to the rest of International Early Years network across the world.

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