Beehive Engagement Model

Looking at life inside a beehive.
  • Looking at life inside a beehive, it can be difficult to make sense of what is happening.

  • What is the role of every bee?

  • Why are they doing what they are doing?

  • Who is in charge and how is it all organised?

  • Life inside a beehive may look amazingly complex at first glance but in fact it’s a simple, well directed & accountable place to work & achieve good results.

    Our engagement model works a little like the beehive recognising the fundamental elements of system improvement and encouraging professionals to engage at a range of levels.
    One of the most amazing aspect of life inside a beehive is how the bees communicate with each other to pass important information. To do this they have evolved a unique dance language, known as the ‘Waggle dance’.

    We hope you will engage in the childhood ‘waggle dance’ with us!

  • We want to make a difference for young children by working alongside you to: