About us

International Early Years has global reach and is dedicated to understanding and improving early education and care for children and educators across countries,communities and cultures. Our purpose is to drive positive change and dynamic development.

Our visionary and evidence based approaches drive our  aim to make a real difference.

We work in the UK and internationally with early years leaders, educators and children in:

  • pre-schools, nurseries and kindergartens
  • state, private and independent schools
  • local districts, statutory bodies and Ministries of Education

How it all began

The inspiration for International Early Years came from a desire to improve early learning experiences for young children worldwide and to provide support for the adults who lead, teach and care for them. We believe that there is positive and limitless impact from bringing professionals together through a range of innovative concepts and exciting projects.

Sue Egersdorff

Sue is a highly experience children’s services professional with significant expertise in early years’ development, primary education, health, and social care. In 2014 she founded International Early Years, an organisation promoting outstanding early childhood education and care and encouraging effective collaboration across school systems and countries.

Sue was previously a Director for Early Years and Integrated Leadership at the prestigious National College for School Leadership and a senior civil servant. In this role she advised the English Government on early childhood services across both education and health.

Sue’s current and most recent senior executive roles include positions on a number of education boards, UK Government Select Committees and research groups. She is also working with several English Primary School Academy chains and Teaching School Partnerships to support effective governance, financial planning and risk management alongside school improvement.

Her passion is to find ways to understand and improve children’s social and emotional development and cognition. She believes this is central to their overall wellbeing and longer- term life chances and forms the basis of any effective school vision and values.

Sue is also a well-respected key note speaker and co-author. She recently co- authored a set of five articles for Community Playthings entitled ‘A Model for Living’.

Earlier in her career, Sue was an assistant director of children’s services in the large English shire county of Cheshire, Surestart director, local authority principal school improvement adviser and school principal.

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Pam Mundy

Pam is a highly experienced 0 -18 education professional with a specialism in early years and international education and a well respected author and keynote speaker. Pam works at strategic and executive level with a variety of UK and international school groups, businesses and educational organisations. She joined Sue in the development of IEY in 2014 and recently co-authored the early years publication ‘A Model for Living’ for Community Playthings.

Her current roles include positions on UK and international executive boards. She provides professional development, challenge, support and strategic guidance for a wide range of 0-18 schools, government agencies and Ministries of Education nationally and internationally (currently in the United States, South America, Chile, South East Asia, China, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Palestine, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia and the United Kingdom).

Pam recently held the executive positions of Director of Education for St Alban’s Schools International, Chief Academic Officer for Knightsbridge Schools International and Director for Quality Assurance and Professional Development for the World Class Learning Group, based in Houston, Texas. She worked with the flagship UK National College for Teaching and Leadership as Lead Associate for Early Years, with responsibility for the National Children’s Centre Network. Pam ensures that she spends time learning directly from children and the adults who support their learning – the most inspirational aspect of her work!

Previous roles include; school Principal, Principal Advisor for Early Years and Primary Schools in West Sussex Local Authority and National Local Authority Early Years Support Officer England for the UK Department for Education.

Pam is a passionate advocate for children and families – and the significant impact that the earliest years have on children’s life chances and the future world.

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